6 Tips For Finding A Reputable Tree Removal Company

It is unfortunate not only for those looking for tree removal service, but also for those legitimately in the tree service industry, that the industry seems to be full of scammers and fly-by-night crooks as well as companies whose services leave a lot to be desired.

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So what can consumers do to protect themselves when needing tree removal? How does a consumer know what company would be best? What steps do you follow to avoid being scammed? Here are a few tips and pointers taken from those who have had vast experience in this area, hopefully they can help set you in the right direction to choosing the best tree care service in your area.

1. Liability Insurance

Any contractor that you're even considering hiring should have proper liability insurance. The Fredericksburg tree removal service should be able to produce a Certificate of Liability Insurance upon request. If the company were to have an accident, and they were not properly insured, you would be held liable. That means that all repairs to your property as well as any injuries sustained due to the accident, would have to be covered by you. This would be avoided by the arborist having liability insurance to cover any potential claims.

2. Reputation

Do some local research, what reputation does the tree cutting service have within their community? Professional and experienced tree specialists should have positve online reviews in various places. Is the company in question a member of any reputable trade association? For example the International Society of Arboriculture or the Tree Care Industry Association? Have you found any complaints about them in local discussion groups or on Fredericksburg area forums? If you want to be really assured, ask the company in question for references. If the project is an expensive one, going the extra mile is really important.

3. Too Cheap To Be True?

They say that if it seems too good to be true, chances are it is. The economic situation has been difficult, we all look for and appreciate a bargain. That being said, if a tree removal company is offering an extremely low price, there may be a few negative reasons behind this:

  • They may be completely inexperienced
  • They may not be properly insured or certified
  • They do not intend to complete the project on hand

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Needed a tree trimmed that was encroaching on my next door neighbor's property. Called Local Tree Pros and got an estimate on the same day. It looked good when they were done. Will call again for future needs.

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4. Overly Priced?

Just as if the price is too low, a very high price should be walked away from. Salespeople are smooth talkers, do not let them convince you that removing an oak tree in your front yard which is easy to access will cost you $12,0000.

5. Say No To Door-To-Door Contractors

Especially for a large project such as tree removal, never do business with door-to-door contractors. Consumers are regularly warned against this not only by the Better Business Bureau, but also various district attorney offices in the country. Most door-to-door contractors are traveling con artists, they prey on many homeowners, especially senior citizens. Just make it's your policy that you do not do business with these people, this way you avoid being scammed.

6. Only Pay When Satisfied

The most important rule to follow after you have picked a tree cutting service to do business with is to only pay after you are 100% satisfied with the job that has been done.

There are countless stories of homeowners who paid upfront for their removal projects and never heard from the company again.

Unlike the building industry, the Fredericksburg tree service contractors shouldn't require upfront payments of any kind.

So as long as you do your homework, look into more than one company, make sure that the company you choose is properly insured and certified and use your own common sense, you will be able to find the best tree removal service company for you. Remember to never pay until you are completely satisfied and, if you play it smart, you will never fall victim to a tree service scam.

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