Handling Tree Stump Removal The Right Way

axe tree stump

One of the main reasons why tree stumps exist is because they are quite difficult to remove. Cutting down a tree is not as complicated a task as removing the stump. Most times, people will prefer to leave the stump in the ground. If you are wondering what to do with it and whether you need to get rid of it, then this post is for you.

One of the ways of arriving at facts is by eliminating false information. The first thing you may ask is how safe that tree stumps in your compound is. Can you safely co-exist with it? The following post describes some risks of leaving a tree stump in the ground:


Before a tree removal expert cuts down that dead tree in your yard, you’ll have to decide whether the worker should eliminate the tree stump as well. If you’re having a difficult time making this decision, consider these factors when deciding what to do with the stump.

Aesthetically speaking, the sight of a stump isn’t appealing. If you’re precise about your yard and landscaping, removing the stump will be well worth it.

Stumps are dangerous. Stumps are not safe for your children. When they are running and playing around in the yard, they may not see the stump and stumble over it. Read more at A1 Sure Services…

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As the post above describes, you may need to think twice about all the potential harm you could expose yourself and your loved ones to if you do not manage the tree stumps in your compound properly.

Since tree stump removal can be quite a challenge, you may be wondering how to go about it. The internet has lots of information on all the possible means of tree stump removal and other examples of what doesn’t work. The following post describes some things you should never attempt:

Man uses his SUV to attempt tree stump removal

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Nothing hammers home this line of thinking quite like the gentleman in the video below who tried to remove a tree stump with his SUV. Can he remove a tree stump by tying a strap from the stump to his SUV and stepping on the gas? You bet. Should he? Well, watching what happens after he frees the tree stump from the earth tells us everything we need to know. Read more at SF Globe…

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The man described in the post above must have really wanted the stump removed by any means possible, but it only got him into bigger problems. Fortunately, there is a proper way of removing tree stumps, and the process is highlighted in the post below:



Step 1. Dig Around the Roots

Dig out the soil around the stump. Expose as much of the roots as possible, by removing the surrounding soil using a shovel or spade. Work in a circle around the stump, removing the dirt. You may need to dig fairly deep on each side of the larger roots to really expose them so that you can cut or chop them up. If you cannot uncover the largest roots of the stump, consider a different method of removing the stump. Read more at True Value Projects…

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The process described in the post above is what you should do if you decide to remove the stump on your own. Clearly, it takes a lot of effort, and you probably lack the skills and expertise to do it without damaging your yard.  You’ll also have a lot of cleanup to deal with afterwards.

The best solution would be to have professionals do the job for you. If you are looking for a tree removal service in the Fredericksburg Virginia area, don’t hesitate to call Local Tree Pros today!

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