9 Questions To Ask A Tree Trimming Service Before Hiring

Tree care is quite sensitive and some jobs are too dangerous, too big, or just require professional expertise to ensure that the tree stays healthy. A reasonable rule to follow is that you should always use a professional tree trimming contractor if you want the best of results.

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Proper protection and training is necessary for working at heights due to risky variables including wildlife, electric wires, nearby buildings, fences, or homes. To protect your interests and get your money’s worth, it is important to ask your arborist service the following 9 important questions and ensure that you agree with the answers they provide before hiring them.

1. Will the company provide a valid and current certificate of insurance and a copy of the work contract?

This question should always be the first one that you ask a tree trimming professional and is the most important one. You want to ensure that you are working with properly insured contractors and that you will not be held liable for any injuries, accidents, or damage. Request to see their Certificate of Liability Insurance. If you hire a tree cutting service that is not properly insured you may find yourself paying for expenses you had not anticipated.

2. Can the tree trimming company provide a list of references?

Any reputable arborist should be ready and willing to share a list of both their current and former satisfied customers. While asking for this list of references it is important to only ask for Fredericksburg area customers that have had tree work done within the past month or so. You don’t want a list of clients who had work done three years ago obviously.

3. Will the company provide a detailed estimate?

When choosing a tree pruning service, it is important to get written estimates from several companies to help you compare prices as well as understand the scope of the job. You should be wary of any company that insists on only giving you trimming quotes verbally over the phone but is reluctant to give written estimates.

4. How will the company approach the job and what kind of equipment will they use?

You obviously do not want massive power equipment driving all over your backyard or front lawn causing unnecessary damage. If the tree trimming work requires any equipment to drive across your lawn, it is important to make the Fredericksburg contractor aware of the locations of sprinkler heads along with other objects that can be easily damaged. The company should inform you of its policy in case something is damaged.

A good idea would be to photograph the area before commencement of the work so that you can have a record if damage were to occur. Ensure that you understand how the company cleans up both during and after the job.

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5. How long should the job take to complete?

The length of time it will take for the company to complete the pruning job should be noted in the estimate and it is the reason why you should always get it in writing. If you compare estimates from different Fredericksburg tree service companies, you will find some saying they will take 3 days to finish the work while others will say that they can finish the job in a matter of hours. It is up to you to determine the job completion time that works best for you.

6. Does the company seem professional?

You should take a close look at what the company truck looks like. Is it properly maintained? Is it in good shape and clean? If the tree cutting company does not take good care of its equipment, can you really trust it to take good care of your property? Does the company have a website? Looking at the content and design of the website will give you a sense of the contractor’s professionalism as can the appearance of its vehicles.

7. Does the company promote “topping”?

Topping is the removal of live sections from the top of the tree and can be extremely harmful especially for healthy, large hardwood trees and it should not be something any reputable tree trimming and pruning service ought to be practicing.

If you find a tree service contractor that advocates for this practice, you should just move on and continue with your search.

8. Do the tree climbers use spikes to climb trees during pruning and trimming?

Spikes are never a good idea unless you the company was hired for tree removal. Demand that the company avoid using spikes since they cause unhealthy wounds that may do more harm to the tree.

9. Will the company’s crew be using safety and protective gear while on your property?

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), personal protective gear is required for any type of tree care operation. A reputable tree trimming service ensures that its workers are adequately and properly protected.

You need to protect both your property and yourself by hiring a professional tree trimming service for dangerous jobs. The 10 questions discussed here will ensure that you get the best tree service in Fredericksburg, VA.

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